Fast And Reliable Asus Laptop Repair Nationwide

As one of the foremost Asus laptop repair centres in London, Xtreme Techies stands out in the I.T. industry for the most dependable support and service we offer to our customers. Our proficient technicians can provide remarkable and practical solutions for all your Asus laptop issues, regardless of its make and model. Whether a hardware trouble or a software issue, we are here to fix it in no time.

Asus Laptop Models
18G241206C40> 9200G> A2500H> A2G> A2H> A2K> A2L> A2S> A2T> A3000> A3500E-24M> A3500L> A3A> A3AC> A3E> A3E-5001H> A3H> A3HF> A3VP> A4> A4000> A42> SERIES> A42DE> A42F> A42JA> A42JB> A42JC> A42JE> A42JK> A42JR> A42JV> A42JY> A42JZ> A42N> A52> SERIES> A52> series> A52F> A52F-EX1342V> A52F-X3> A52F-XA5> A52F-XE4> A52JB> A52JB-SX021V> A52JC> A52JE> A52JK> A52JR> A52JT> A52JU> A52N> A53> A53F> A53S> A53SD> A53SD-TS71> A53T> A53U-EH11> A53U-EH22> A53U-XE1> A53Z> A53Z-EH61> A54C> A5EB> A5EC> A5EC-Q001P> A5L> A6> A6000> A6000J> A6000JA> A6000KM> A6000KT> A6000VA> A6000VM> A6727G> A6727G-LH> A6AV> A6B00NE> A6B00U> A6F> A6G> A6GA> A6J> A6JC> A6JE> A6JM> A6K> A6KM> A6KT> A6L> A6Q00JA> A6Q00T> A6R> A6RP-AP087H> A6RT> A6TC> A6U> A6V> A6VA> A6VC> A6VM> A7> A7> SERIES> A7K> A72> A72> SERIES> A72DR> A72F> A72JK> A72JR> A7C> A7R00G> A7Rc> A7SN> A7SV> A8> A8DC> A8EF> A8F> A8F-H071H> A8FM> A8H> A8H00SR> A8HE> A8J> A8JA> A8JC> A8JE> A8JM> A8JN> A8JP> A8JR> A8JS> A8JV> A8LE> A8M> A8SC> A8SR> A8TC> A8TM> A9Rp> B23E> B33E> B43> SERIES> B43F> B43J> B43S> B50A> B53F> B53J> B53S> B80> B80A> C90S> E5332> EEE> Pad> Transformer> TF101> EEE> Pad> Transformer> TF300> F3> F300> F33E> F35A> F3F> F3J> F3JA> F3JC> F3JP> F3JR> F3KA> F3KE> F3L> F3M> F3Q> F3Q00KA> F3Q00KE> F3SA> F3SC> F3SG> F3SR> F3SV> F3SV-1> F3SV-A1> F3SV-X1> F3T> F3T-AP042C> F5> F50> F50GX> F50Q> F50SF> F50SV> F50Z> F52> F52A> F52Q> F5C> F5FR> F5GL> F5M> F5N> F5R> F5RI> F5RL> F5SL> F5SR> F5V> F5VL> F5Z> F6> F6A> F6E> F6H> F6S> F6V> F6Ve> F7> F70> F70SL> F70SL-TY128C> F7E> F7F> F7KR> F7L> F7SE> F7SR> F7Z> F8> F80CR> F80L> F80Q> F80S> F81> F81SE> F82Q> F83> SERIES> F83SE> F83Se> F83T> F83VF> F8DC> F8P> F8P> C1W> F8P-C1B> F8SA> F8SG> F8SN> F8SN-C1> F8SN-D1> F8SP> F8SR> F8SV> F8TR> F8V> F8VA> F8VR> F9> F9D> F9DC> F9E> F9F> F9J> F9S> F9SG> G1> G1S> G1SN> G2> G2K> G2P> G2P6> G2PB> G2PC> G2S> G2S-A1> G2SG> G2SG-A1> G2SQ> G2SV> G50V> G50VT> G51J> G51J-A1> G51JX> G51JX-A1> G51Jx> 3D> G51Vx> G53> SERIES> G53JW> G53SW> G53SX> G60> G60J> G60Jx> G60V> G60VX> G60VX-RBBX05> G70S> G70SG> G70SM> G71G> G71Gx> G71V> G72> G72GS> G72GX> G72GX-RBBX05> G72GX-RBBX09> G73> G73JH> G73JH-A1> G73JH-A2> G73JH-A3> G73JH-BST7> G73JH-TY225V> G73JW> G73JW-A1> G73JW-XT1> G73SW> G73SW-1BTY> G73SW-BST6> G73SW-MA1> G73SW-XN2> G74> G74SX> G74SX-BBK7> G74SX-TZ290V> GS2> GSK> H2800S> K40> K40> SERIES> K40AB> K40AC> K40AD> K40AE> K40AF> K40C> K40ID> K40IE> K40IJ> K40IL> K40IN> K40IP> K42F> K42JC> K42JR> K42JV> K43E> K50> K50> SERIES> K50AB> K50AB-X2A> K50AD> K50AF> K50C> K50I> K50I-RBBGR05> K50ID> K50IE> K50IJ> K50IJ-G2B> K50IJ-RX05> K50IL> K50IN> K50IP> K51> SERIES> K51AC> K51AE> K51TP> K52> SERIES> K52DE> K52DR> K52F> K52F-BBR5> K52F-X3> K52JB> K52JC> K52JE> K52JK> K52JR> K52JT> K52JT-A1> K52JT-XT1> K52JU> K52N> K52N-BGR5> K53-SX751V> K53E> K53E-BBR14> K53E-BBR17> K53E-BBR3> K53E-BD4TD> K53E-RBR4> K53S> K53SD> K53SJ> K53SV> K53SV> Cl5> K53T-BBR6> K53TA> K53U> K53Z> K60I> K60IJ> K60IN> K61IC> K62> SERIES> K62F> K62JR> K70> SERIES> K70AB> K70AC> K70AD> K70AE> K70AF> K70IC> K70ID> K70IJ> K70IO> K72> K72> SERIES> K72DR> K72F> K72JK> K72JR> K72JR-XN1> K72JV> K73E> K93SV> L3400TP> L4000H> L583> L8400B> LAMBORGINI> VX2> LAMBORGINI> VX2E> LAMBORGINI> VX2S> LAMBORGINI> VX3> M300NP> M3N> M50> series> M5000> M50SA> M50SR> M50SV> M50SV> B1> M50VC> M50VM> M50VM> A1> M50VM> B1> M50VM> B4> M50VN> M51A> M51KR> M51SE> M51SN> M51SR> M51TA> M51TR> M51VA> M51VR> M5200N> M5N> M60> M6000> M6000N> M60J> M60VP> M6707R> M6742NE> M6A> M6B> M6B00NE> M6CIADG> M6N> M6V> M70> M70SA> M70SR> M70T> M70VM> M70VN> M70VR> M90> M90V> M90VN> M90VP> M9V> N20A> N43> SERIES> N43JF> N43JM> N43JQ> N43Jf> Jay> Cho> Edition> N50> N50V> N50VC> N50VN> N51> N51JN> N51V> N51VF> N51VG> N53> SERIES> N53JF> N53JG> N53JL> N53JN> N53JQ> N53Jf> N53Jq> N53SN> N53SV> N53SV-A2> N53SV-B> N53SV-XE1> N53SV/B> N55SF> N60> N60DP> N61> N61JA> N61JV> N61Jq> N61VG> N61VN> N70> N70SV> N71JQ> N71JV> N71VN> N73> SERIES> N73JF> N73JG> N73JN> N73JQ> N73SV> N80> N80VB> N80VC> N80VG> N80VM> N80VN> N80VP> N80VR> N81> N81VB> N81VC> N81VG> N81VM> N81VN> N81VP> N81VR> N82> SERIES> N82JG> N82JQ> N82JV> N90> N90SV> NX56> NX90> SERIES> NX90JN> NX90JQ> P30> P30A> P42> SERIES> P42F> P42JC> P43E> P50> P50IJ-X1> P50IJ-X2> P50ij-X3> P53E> P53E-XH31> P80A> P80Q> P80VC> P81> SERIES> P81IJ> PL30> SERIES> PL30JT> PL80> SERIES> PL80Jt> PR031J> PR050G> PRO> 79IJ> PRO55> PRO55S> PRO61S> R1F> S101> S5N> S6> S62FP> S62J> S6F> S6Fm> S7F> U1> U1F> U2> U20> U20A> U2E> U3> U30> U30J> U30JC> U30JC-X3K> U30Jc> U30SD> U31> SERIES> U31F> U31F-2A> U31JG> U31SD> U32U> U33JC> U33JC-A1> U33Jc> U35> SERIES> U35F> U35JC> U36> SERIES> U36JC> U36JC-RX114V> U36SD> U36SG> U3S> U3SG> U41> SERIES> U41JF> U43> SERIES> U43F> U43F-BBA5> U43F-BBA7> U43J> U43JC> U44SG> U45> SERIES> U45JC> U46E> U46E-BAL6> U46SV> U50> U50> SERIES> U50A> U50F> U50VG> U52F> U52F-BBG6> U52F-BBL5> U52F-BBL9> U53> SERIES> U53JC> U56E> U56E-1AXX> U56E-BBL5> U56E-BBL6> U6> U6E> U6EP> U6S> U6SG> U6V> U6VC> U6Vc> U80A> U80V> U81> U81A-RX05> U81a> UL20> SERIES> UL20A> UL20FT> UL30> UL30A> UL30A-A2> UL30A-X5> UL30AT> UL30J> UL30JT> UL30VT> UL50AG> UL50AT> UL50VG> UL50VS> UL50VT> UL50VT-RBBBK05> UL80> UL80A> UL80AG> UL80Ag> UL80Jt> UL80V> UL80VS> UL80VT> UL80Vs> UL80Vt> UX21E> UX30> UX30S> UX30V> UX31E> UX50> UX50V> V1JP> V1S> V1SN> V1V> V2> V2Je> V2S> V2S-B1> VX1> VX1> Lamborgini> VX2S> VX5> VX5> LAMBORGHINI> W1000> W2> W2W> W3> W3A> W5> W5A> W5F> W5Fe> W5Fm> W6> W6A> W6F> W7> W7F> W7J> W7S> W7SG> W90> W90V> W90VN> W90Vp> W90WP> X08L> X32A> X42F> X44H> X44H-BBR5> X44H-BD2GS> X44L-BBK4> X50GL> X50M> X50RL> X50SL> X50SLi> X50V> X50VL> X50Z> X51L> X51R> X51RL> X52F> X52F-X2> X52J> X52SG> X53E> X53E-BH71CA> X53E-Rs51> X53E-SX103V> X53E-XR1> X53SV> X53U> X53U-XR1> X53U-XR1-CBIL> X53Z> X54C> X54C-BBK11> X54C-BBK13> X54C-BBK3> X54C-BBK5> X54C-BBK9> X54C-ES91> X54H-BD1BH> X54H-BD3MA> X54HY> X54L> X55SR> X55SV> X57S> X58C> X58L> X58LE> X59SL> X59SR> X5DIJ> X5EA> X61GX> X61SL> X70> X70AC> X70S> X71A> X71Q> X71Q-7S003E> X71SL> X71TL> X71TP> X71VN> X72D> X72DR-TY048V> X72J> X73S> X75SV> X80L> X83> X83V> X83VB> X83VM> X93S> X93SV> Z53J> Z53S> Z62> Z62F> Z62S> Z70VA> (M6V)> Z7100A> Z7100VP> Z71V> Z84F> Z9100> Z91E> Z9200VA> Z92J> Z92M> Z96JM> Z99S>

A complete range of Asus Laptop Repair solutions for businesses and home user

No job is too complex for us. At Xtreme Techies, we strive to keep up with the cutting edge technologies to ensure customised Asus laptop repair, upgrade, and replacement services to our residential and business customers. Some of our standard repair and upgrade services include:

  • asus laptop repairAsus laptop motherboard repair
  • LCD / LED screen repair and replacement
  • Optical drive repair and replacement
  • Keyboard / touchpad repair and replacement
  • Laptop inverter and backlight replacement
  • Memory and hard drive upgrade

Our Asus laptop repair technicians can also solve problems like laptop boot problems, laptop hard drive failure, broken or damaged screen hinges, laptop shuts down when plugged in, strange sounds from laptop hard drive, laptop overheating and distorted images on screen. We are not just limited to hardware-related services. We can also perform operating system installation and upgrade, software troubleshooting, and anti-virus installation and virus removal.

You can also approach us for a replacement service. We have a wide selection of laptop spare parts and notebook accessories like motherboard, memory, hard drive, CD/DVD drive, laptop hinges and AC adapters. All our component level Asus laptop repair and replacement services are backed by a 90 day warranty.


Get in touch with Xtreme Techies to discuss you Asus Laptop Repair needs

You satisfaction is our primary concern. No matter how big or small your problem is; we strive to solve it within 24-48 hours. Just bring your laptop, we will make sure you it back in perfect working condition. We can also make an arrangement for a secure pickup service to collect your laptop from anywhere in the UK.

To find out more about our Asus laptop repair services, please give us a call on 020 7064 4997. We are open Monday to Friday, 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. You can also send your queries at


Tel: 020 7064 4997
Monday To Saturday
80 Willow Walk, The Willows
Unit 1, London
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